What’s with all the nature photos?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the new web design. An update was needed, as my old template was a bit outdated and dysfunctional. But what’s with all the nature photos? Think I’m bragging about all my summer escapes? Well, since I am a human being, I did enjoy a number of relaxing and/or productive journeys to beautiful locales this summer, and I had a lot of fun taking pictures. Following in the big steps of my dad, I suppose. When we were sorting through the thousands of photos he took in his amateur photography career recently, it seemed like two-thirds were sunsets, mountain views, or beaches.

Nature does have healing properties–whether that is five minutes in actual nature or time in your day to pause and look at nature photos. Research has also shown that exercising in an outdoor setting inspires us to do more, more willingly.  Connection to nature has been associated with increased mindfulness (being in the moment in a nonjudgmental way), positive emotions, awe, and purpose in life. I encourage everyone to enjoy a little fix of nature everyday–either in vivo (i.e. get yourself outside into a natural setting, in real life) or enjoy visual images of nature.  That’s my motivation in providing nature photos here on my blog. Pictures like these always make me breath a sigh of relaxation–just what I’m hoping to do for my readers by sharing them here. Enjoy!

One thought on “What’s with all the nature photos?

  1. Vivienne McNeny says:

    I have always driven the scenic route, even in urban settings. With a little bit of meandering a field can be found almost anywhere! I walked outdoors every day in England and sometimes I’d go out feeling…ugh…and pound the pavements or the lanes and come home rejuvenated having worked out all the world’s problems for the day! Walking and Yoga did wonderful things for my mind, body and soul.
    Bring on the nature pictures, they are lovely. Thanks Ann.

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