Public Appearances

Ann is a nationally recognized expert on women’s mental health and mind-body issues. You may have seen or heard her comments here:

      • Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health at Postpartum Progress blog
      • USAToday
      • Reuters story on and
      • “Kidtalk” on Martha Stewart Living, Sirius Satellite Radio
      • MSNBC/NBC News/The Today Show
      • Many local Dallas news shows, including CBS, NBC, and Fox
      • CBS Radio, NPR, and Armed Forces Radio
      • Videos produced by Family Experience Productions, airing in hospitals on the Newborn Channel
      • Many podcasts, including Motherhood Uncensored
      • “Autumn’s Story” on Discovery Health Channel
      • UPI stories appearing in many newspapers
      • Parenting,, The Globe and Mail, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, American Baby, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Dallas Morning News, and Dallas Child

Ann is available for media interviews and for presentations, training, week-long and weekend retreats, and consultation for women’s and parenting groups, mental health and healthcare professionals, and university and hospital systems. Please contact her at (214) 343 – 1353 or email her at

For a sample of Ann’s speaking in recent appearances, listen to this Motherhood Uncensored podcast.