The real scoop on June Cleaver

Several weeks ago, I talked about the evidence of that there was a real woman hidden in the character of June Cleaver. However, I mistold the story of Wally and the mayo. I’ve found it, finally, and here it is. It’s not only mayo, it’s mayo from the cupboard–unrefrigerated no less! Eeek!!! Enjoy!

(And if you’re reading my blog with Diane Sanford, Living Self-Care, I apologize for the repetition.)

One thought on “The real scoop on June Cleaver

  1. Vivienne McNeny says:

    Well…that’s where we kept our mayo, jam, pickles, ketchup, eggs and butter!!
    The fridge was reserved for bacon, meat, fish, milk and some salad foods. Never veggies. Sometimes leftovers.
    The good old pantry, which was always cold, was home to coleslaw, pie, both meat and fruit and good old fashioned cake and Christmas pudding!!

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