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I know I’ve not blogged in awhile; alas, I’m busier than usual this spring due to teaching commitments. This overload will end for me soon (when the semester ends) and I will up my effort to post more consistently here. Meanwhile, here are a couple of items to keep my readers amused and/or educated.

1) I am now blogging on Vibrant Nation, one of the top sites for midlife women. Under the same flag as my posts here, “Who Says?!”, I will be challenging issues more specific to that site’s purpose and age group. I will try not to repeat myself. However, when posts have an across-the-ages relevance, I will mention those here, linking to the posts on Vibrant Nation. In that vein, dear readers, you may enjoy this post, based on a slogan I saw last week on a car dealership’s marquee: “every custom begins with a broken precedent.”

2) I’m forever railing against our current culture of overwork, where the standard for a nearly 60 hour work week seems to be gaining ground. I am certain this trend is to the detriment of individual–not to mention societal–health and well-being. You might enjoy this week’s post on this topic over at Inviting Joy. I could not have said it better myself! Here’s to the 8/8/8 rule taking a firm hold in all our lives.

3) The film Miss Representation aired on OWN, Oprah’s network, in October 2011, taking on the mainstream media’s portrayal of women and girls. According to the film’s producers, Miss Representation:

exposes how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America. The film challenges the media’s limited and often disparaging portrayals of women and girls, which make it difficult for women to achieve leadership positions and for the average woman to feel powerful herself.

If you are in Dallas, there’s a great opportunity this coming Tuesday, April 17, to see the film at the Episcopal Church for the Transfiguration, on Hillcrest Road. Click here for the details. Should be a great evening! And check out other opportunities coming up to see the film as well, in the next month.

If you aren’t in the Dallas area, you can check here for a chance to see it in your area.

Thanks for your support and interest for my items of interest!

One thought on “Items of interest

  1. Vivienne McNeny says:

    8,8,8 reminds me of St. Benedict’s Rule.
    Pray, work play.
    His monks had to balance their lives with prayer, work and recreation of some sort. Every day! Not just once a week.
    I also heard a little bit of Amish Wisdom on a Toginet radio show of the same name:
    On your Sabbath rest from what you consider to be work.
    Sometimes spending an hour at the computer can be relaxing for me when I’m not working. Catching up on emails from friends thousands of miles away or commenting here and on other favoured sites when I have a few moments after dinner and before bed!
    Loved your links Ann especially Vibrant Nation.
    Wish I could go to Transfig and see the film, maybe I’ll find it online somewhere!
    Have a great Sabbath whatever you find yourself doing…enjoy it!

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