Happy Holidays!

Make a list of the good stuff as you move through the chaos and mess this holiday season. Our brains are like Velcro for the negative: the tears, the undone tasks, the misses on gifts, the tension. If you stop and mindfully record what is good each day, each hour, you will help that same brain, which naturally tends to be like Teflon for positive, zero in on the successes. Research suggests that the ratio is 7:1. We need seven happy events, kind words, compliments, or hugs to outweigh each tense, stressed, angry or irritable event. Make memories of the positive by letting it sink into your own brain. And try dishing out the positive in greater quantities to those around you as well.

Thanks for your readership! I hope you, your loved ones, and friends have wonderful, relaxing, vibrant holidays, whatever your celebrations. I’ll be back next week with some ideas for realistic New Year’s resolutions.

One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Linda Burns says:

    Dr Ann! You have been on my mind, of late, so decided to access “you”. Hopefully you will remember me, as it has been so very long since I last heard your voice. You are even more beautiful than way back in the ’80’s. After reading your above message, just had to thank you for being “you”. Life has moved on; Mary Jordan passed away in Jan. ’99, in Florida. I was let go from Stan’s company, when I turned 64
    in 2006 (4 days after my b.d.) Just wanted to say “hello” to you & your family. I know you are happy & the girls are grown by now. I have a son, but no Grandbabies. His wife passed 2 yrs ago. Mama passed the following mo.
    Thanks for the “memories”. Just had to let you know I am happy for your success.
    God Bless,

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