A Valentine’s Day reminder

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a holiday–so expectations, ever threatening, ramp up again. Remember the five simple rules of happiness: Rule #5 is “expect less.” Pretty hard to do when every other TV commercial is for diamonds and every other aisle in the grocery store looks like this:

This holiday has the potential to suck us into classic all-or-nothing, black and white thinking (that we humans are so prone to): either my loved one does X, or s/he doesn’t love me. Tuning into the underlying intention is good medicine. Even if your sweetie is not a mind reader, it’s good to embrace whatever is offered. Even this epitome of “less,” an innovation in gift baskets that I’d not seen before (and made me laugh out loud):

Hmmm, what chocolate goes best with beer? Perhaps this chocolate bar with bacon that I recently discovered–downright divine. May the sampling commence.

(And if you’re sweetie-less, challenge the automatic thinking that you deserve a capital L on your forehead. Who says presence of a partner is essential validation of wonderful you? Treat yourself today!)

A little P.S. with a midweek LOL

I so appreciate the rousing response to my post on less is more, dear readers! Funny, too, how collective consciousness weaves through our lives. Consider this Mutts comic stripfrom May 23rd’s Sunday paper, two days after my post.

The tyranny of one more and the accompanying distraction appears to be a common problem, too–as this Pearls Before Swine strip shows. And if you find you simply cannot resist the habit of ‘just one more task,’ at least make limit yourself to thirty second tasks–less likely to throw you off schedule. Check out this list courtesy of about.com.

On final P.S. Here’s the actual piece that inspired my comments about every day is the best day, for a dog.

Dog Experiences Best Day of His Life for 400th Consecutive Day.

Santee, CA–
Family dog Loki experienced the best day of his life for the 400th straight day, Monday, the black Labrador retriever reported. “I got to go outside! I go to sniff the bush!” Loki said, wagging excitedly. “I saw a squirrel and I barked at it and it ran up the tree! Then I came back inside, and the smoky-smelling tall man let me have a little piece of bacon and then I drank from the toilet!” Loki will experience the best day of his life once again tomorrow, when he digs a hole, chews on a slipper, and almost catches his tail.”

From The Onion 10/13/04, courtesy of my dear sister, Mary Dunnewold. Thanks, Mary!

May you all have the best day, ever–every day!